Monday, December 3, 2012

Quality assurance Cleanroom


For over many decades, AM Specialized Solutions' Fresh Space Alternatives have assisted Quality assurance create the sector's conventional methods and examining requirements, as well as some of the key instrumentation, examining press, and conventional certification in use these days.

With decades of encounter, and the NEBB Qualifications, the AM Specialized Alternatives Technicians and Experts can recognize and evaluate clean room performance problems; and excellent guarantee recommend the most beneficial solutions or self-perform the improvements. More than any other company in the market, we comprehend clean bedrooms from the within out. Our Technicians and Experts are knowledgeable in the most delicate surroundings such as ISO 14644,

Class 1 through Category 9.

AMTS complete Fresh Space Alternatives solutions period several marketplaces, such as Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Technological innovation and Analysis.

Our extensive Fresh Space Alternatives include:

Testing, Qualifications & Reporting:

Testing & certification services for clean bedrooms & managed environments

Class 1 mini-environments qualifications (200 & 300mm Tools)

ESD audits & testing
Product hygiene class interface research (CCCS)
Testing & certification of laminar circulation equipment
Testing & certification of bio-hazard protection models & fatigue hoods
Certification confirming in both hard & smooth copy
Clean room Consultation:
Clean room performance optimization
Contamination recognition, recognition, & control
Airflow requirements
HEPA/ULPA filtering system requirements

Protocol Services:

Clean room development method services
Sustaining clean room method exercising, badging, & administration
Clean room method audits & reporting
Preventive Servicing, Problem solving, & Repair:
Monitor & sustain clean room performance
Support clean room circulation equipment: laminar circulation hoods - fan-powered HEPA/ULPA filtering system - fatigue hoods
Repair & sustain clean room lighting style systems
Repair HEPA/ULPA narrow & roof system leaks
Customized plans & maintenance programs

Clean Space Products:

Refurbished & Renovated Laminar Flow Equipment
Replacement HEPA & ULPA filtering system, Fan Filter Units
Custom Stainless-steel Metal Fresh room Furnishings, Platforms & Benches
Sealant Gel for Fresh room Roofs & Filters
Soft-wall Fresh room from SIMPLEX Fresh Enclosures
P S L Filter Check Remedy (Polystyrene Latex Spheres)

Learn more about our encounter by studying our cleanroom Alternatives Situation Studies.

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