Monday, December 3, 2012


AM Specialized Alternatives (AMTS) is changing the efficient distribution of venture methods to the leading technology companies. By hearing carefully to our customer's needs, we build a venture control software model that easily combines our own reliable group of experts, systems and venture resources with our customer's project management Team.

AM Specialized Alternatives recently organised the 1st Yearly AMTS/Samsung Competition Task at On Track Xperience, located in Central Florida. Visitors included 30 workers from New samsung and AMTS, which range from Technicians, Service Supervisors, Development Supervisors and Mature Management folks who work together at the New samsung semiconductor factory in Austin, tx.

The members attracted names and structured into 8 groups for a Le Guys style Once stamina race. The rules required 5 pit prevents, and the champion was determined by which group completed the most temps within the Once period of your energy and management

The occasion provided an excellent way to spend a while away from the job site and provided as an opportunity to build more powerful working relationships. Competitors were overheard saying:

"That was an excellent way to reduce some stress."

"The occasion as a whole was very well-organized and I was very surprised by the speed of the karts. venture control software It felt like real rushing for sure!" AMTS would like to thank all who taken part, and we are looking forward to planning the 2nd Yearly occasion next Fall!

Since 1994, AM Technical Solutions has provided advanced project solutions to the world's leading technology companies. By listening carefully to our client's needs, we carefully construct a project management model that seamlessly integrates our own reliable team of experts, systems and project assets with our client's Project Team.

AM Technical Solutions is redefining the efficient delivery of project solutions to the world's leading technology companies.

Maintain the Control and Visibility You Need

Our Project Solutions provide you directional control and complete project visibility while minimizing risk to the project's budget, schedule, safety and quality. You no longer have to settle for either handing over complete control of scope - as seen in a traditional lump sum project - or assume all the risks associated with a complete time and materials contract.

A Complete Project Solution

AM Technical Solutions delivers is NOT a body shop. We provide comprehensive project solutions that includes:

A best-in-class safety program

The systems for planning, procurement and

The latest technology

People with expert knowledge and competency in their given field

And hard-working individuals shrouded by integrity and reliability

A Client-First Attitude

Our project teams ensure your interests are well maintained as we deliver optimal project solutions for your specific needs. Whether building a large-scale semiconductor factory or a small university lab, we are a client's most valuable asset, and the project experts people count on.


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