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Quality assurance Cleanroom


For over many decades, AM Specialized Solutions' Fresh Space Alternatives have assisted Quality assurance create the sector's conventional methods and examining requirements, as well as some of the key instrumentation, examining press, and conventional certification in use these days.

With decades of encounter, and the NEBB Qualifications, the AM Specialized Alternatives Technicians and Experts can recognize and evaluate clean room performance problems; and excellent guarantee recommend the most beneficial solutions or self-perform the improvements. More than any other company in the market, we comprehend clean bedrooms from the within out. Our Technicians and Experts are knowledgeable in the most delicate surroundings such as ISO 14644,

Class 1 through Category 9.

AMTS complete Fresh Space Alternatives solutions period several marketplaces, such as Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Technological innovation and Analysis.

Our extensive Fresh Space Alternatives include:

Testing, Qualifications & Reporting:

Testing & certification services for clean bedrooms & managed environments

Class 1 mini-environments qualifications (200 & 300mm Tools)

ESD audits & testing
Product hygiene class interface research (CCCS)
Testing & certification of laminar circulation equipment
Testing & certification of bio-hazard protection models & fatigue hoods
Certification confirming in both hard & smooth copy
Clean room Consultation:
Clean room performance optimization
Contamination recognition, recognition, & control
Airflow requirements
HEPA/ULPA filtering system requirements

Protocol Services:

Clean room development method services
Sustaining clean room method exercising, badging, & administration
Clean room method audits & reporting
Preventive Servicing, Problem solving, & Repair:
Monitor & sustain clean room performance
Support clean room circulation equipment: laminar circulation hoods - fan-powered HEPA/ULPA filtering system - fatigue hoods
Repair & sustain clean room lighting style systems
Repair HEPA/ULPA narrow & roof system leaks
Customized plans & maintenance programs

Clean Space Products:

Refurbished & Renovated Laminar Flow Equipment
Replacement HEPA & ULPA filtering system, Fan Filter Units
Custom Stainless-steel Metal Fresh room Furnishings, Platforms & Benches
Sealant Gel for Fresh room Roofs & Filters
Soft-wall Fresh room from SIMPLEX Fresh Enclosures
P S L Filter Check Remedy (Polystyrene Latex Spheres)

Learn more about our encounter by studying our cleanroom Alternatives Situation Studies.

Process Piping Certification


tarting from our beginning in 1994, AM Specialized Alternatives has designed a huge selection of innovative technological innovation technological innovation, technical and logistical solutions for the semiconductor market. This expands from our Incorporated Development Control, QA/QC, and Fresh Space Services. Our solutions period every stage of the Fab lifecycle from service construction through Fab end-of-life. The variety and level of our encounter gives us a understand of every aspect of our consumers' needs and distinguishes AMTS in the market.

AMTS provides the following Services to the Semiconductor market:

Integrated Development Management

Equipment Services

Capital Resource Services

process piping

process pipes certification

3rd Celebration QA/QC

Clean Space Performance

The client, a producer of medical gadgets, needed a Third party to approve the cleanrooms in their new service.

The routine had been late because the HEPA filtration that were obtained for the venture were defective. The air distribution system was customized after preliminary qualifications and needed several visits for retesting on short observe.

AM Specialized Alternatives assisted find the HEPA narrow issue before all the filtration had been set up. This decreased both the level of the issue and the producing setbacks. By using our near connection with the narrow source we fast the alternative of the filtration for the client and reduce the wait. Because of our natural versatility and dedication to the client, we were able to provide a fast reaction to their needs and keep them on routine.

The client was incredibly pleased and valued our skills in finding and solving their issue. The service was qualified and approved the client's own inner review.


Customer Background

The University had built their new nanotechology center and needed a third party to certify their process lines after installation.

The Challenge
The major challenge was timing. The lines were already installed and the contractor had left before the testing began. Typically the AM Technical Solutions team testing the lines would interact with the contractor during installation so that corrections could be made at that time rather than after the fact.

The AM Technical Solutions Approach/Solution
Thorough and candid communication was a key element in our approach. We began with a frank discussion with the owner of the challenges and potential problems that could arise from testing the process lines after instead of during their installation. The specifications were reviewed, potential pitfalls were identified, and a game-plan was established for managing any testing issues that may arise. This was fully discussed with the customer. During the testing phase, the customer received daily progress reports.

The customer was very pleased with the results. In spite of schedule delays outside of our control, AM Technical Solutions was able to complete the testing on schedule.


AM Specialized Alternatives (AMTS) is changing the efficient distribution of venture methods to the leading technology companies. By hearing carefully to our customer's needs, we build a venture control software model that easily combines our own reliable group of experts, systems and venture resources with our customer's project management Team.

AM Specialized Alternatives recently organised the 1st Yearly AMTS/Samsung Competition Task at On Track Xperience, located in Central Florida. Visitors included 30 workers from New samsung and AMTS, which range from Technicians, Service Supervisors, Development Supervisors and Mature Management folks who work together at the New samsung semiconductor factory in Austin, tx.

The members attracted names and structured into 8 groups for a Le Guys style Once stamina race. The rules required 5 pit prevents, and the champion was determined by which group completed the most temps within the Once period of your energy and management

The occasion provided an excellent way to spend a while away from the job site and provided as an opportunity to build more powerful working relationships. Competitors were overheard saying:

"That was an excellent way to reduce some stress."

"The occasion as a whole was very well-organized and I was very surprised by the speed of the karts. venture control software It felt like real rushing for sure!" AMTS would like to thank all who taken part, and we are looking forward to planning the 2nd Yearly occasion next Fall!

Since 1994, AM Technical Solutions has provided advanced project solutions to the world's leading technology companies. By listening carefully to our client's needs, we carefully construct a project management model that seamlessly integrates our own reliable team of experts, systems and project assets with our client's Project Team.

AM Technical Solutions is redefining the efficient delivery of project solutions to the world's leading technology companies.

Maintain the Control and Visibility You Need

Our Project Solutions provide you directional control and complete project visibility while minimizing risk to the project's budget, schedule, safety and quality. You no longer have to settle for either handing over complete control of scope - as seen in a traditional lump sum project - or assume all the risks associated with a complete time and materials contract.

A Complete Project Solution

AM Technical Solutions delivers is NOT a body shop. We provide comprehensive project solutions that includes:

A best-in-class safety program

The systems for planning, procurement and

The latest technology

People with expert knowledge and competency in their given field

And hard-working individuals shrouded by integrity and reliability

A Client-First Attitude

Our project teams ensure your interests are well maintained as we deliver optimal project solutions for your specific needs. Whether building a large-scale semiconductor factory or a small university lab, we are a client's most valuable asset, and the project experts people count on.